(x) Boston magazine masthead - designed by Jim Parkinson {Stephen}

This should be a really easy one but I’m stumped.

Thanks in advance


Designed by Jim Parkinson, based on Bureau Grotesque.

Yes. Well, the question was about Boston magazine, but you are right that it was originally used/created for Macromedia.

Boston Magazine uses Vonnes from Font Bureau

Looks like they’ve since removed the shadow and angled the ‘t’s entry stroke.

Thanks — I thought it might be Bureau Grotesque but the angled “t” threw me. Since I don’t have that font I’m gonna fake it with Folio Bold.

Yeah. From what I’ve see of Vonnes, it is lurvely and I really wish they’d release it to the public … !!!

Vonnes, actual Macromedia “typeface,” is based on a typeface family that you should found on the Jasper and Johnston Encyclopedy of typefaces. To far from my own library to give the page number.

Isn’t that Venus? I know we’ve discussed this before.

can’t recall, too far from my sources. :-(

Venus, (Bauer 1907/27 based on Wagner and Schmidt design)