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Not sure if this has been posted here yet, but has recently put up a video profile of Doyald Young (about 38 minutes long). It's pretty good, and includes a segment shot at TypeCon in L.A. this year when Doyald received the SOTA award. I saw quite a few familiar faces in the background. Unfortunately, you need a account to view it (except for the intro segment). Here's a link:

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Really inspiring Documentary! Thanks for sharing!

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> Unfortunately, you need a account to view it

If you google " free trial" you can sometimes find an offer for a few days free introductory membership. Or if that doesn't work, google " discount code".

It's an excellent site. I started with a free trial and ended up subscribing.

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Unfortunately, you need a account to view it.”

No you don’t.

Doyald Young, logotype designer (42:14)

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Oh dear...

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How painfully irony.

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When I posted this you did need to have an account to watch it. After Doyald Young died, they lifted that restriction.

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So an inheritance of sorts, from a wonderful man and designer.


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Kudos to the Society of Typographic Aficionados for honoring the master.


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