Elbonium via Titillium

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Here's a group of fonts I'm working on.
They're all based on Titillium, which is distributed
under the SIL Open Font License, version 1.1.

Slanted Titillium to get the Titillioblique fonts.
Added some more interesting characters to make
a family called Titillitalic.
Added even more interesting, bendy characters
to make it into something called Elbonium-Italic.
Then slanted that back upright to make the Regular
Ebonium fonts.

Hope these pics show up okay...


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Could you upload a pdf file? This is really too small to give some proper critique.

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Doesn't seem like I can upload PDFs here on Typophile?
I don't have a place to put PDF files at my site, either.
So I put a couple display PDFs on this other site of mine:
and here:

Let me know if you can see those ok :)

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and here's another pic.

this is just the latest Elbonium, in 5 weights and a few colors.

i like this font because it's got handwriting letterforms more than typographic forms.

i think it's looking pretty neat.

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Looking forward to it!

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