Fontlab Metrics Tool Window bug

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Hello my friends,

I'm facing an anoying problem now… On Fontlab 5.0.4 for Mac, I can't click on the metrics window tools menu (the one that has 'Open AFM, save, measurement line buttons, etc). I can click on these, excpet I cannot click on the class kerning button (the one where you select if you want the metrics window to show class kerning, or kerning with key pairs only, etc). It's stuck on not showing class kerning - and I need to see them all :D

So anoying, the button is there, it's not greyed or whatever, but nothing happens on click…

Reinstalling didn't help at all…

Any help?

Maybe a low instruction to fontlab to set this?


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Try deleting your Fontlab plist file. If you have a backup from a time when it still work, restore that one so you don’t lose your settings.

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Thanks a lot James!

That did the trick

Kind regards

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I seem to be having the same problem (I’m new to Fontlab so apologies if I’m making a stupid mistake). The drop down menu for Class Kerning in the Metrics window will not work. Not sure what a plist file is or where to find it. Have checked back over previously saved versions and it doesn’t seem to work anywhere. Has anyone else come across this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Problem solved if anyone else has similar trouble. Second item in the FAQs here:

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