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DRAMA magazine fonts

www.drama-magazine.com and click on "view issues"

I'm a starting graphic designer and really want help to find out what these are (i've tried "What Font is That" and "Identifont" already).

There are a few fonts, as far as I can count: the serif one used for people's name, a curved-joined san serif font ("Nicholas Hoult" name), and a simple San Serif for some of the text (it's not Futura, it's more narrow, and has an angle (the e goes up, the W's middle bar pushes to the left - I think it's like "Organic" or something).

Please please, would also love to know if you know what the Drama title font is.

P.S. Enjoy the photography

P.S.S. I just put samples of the fonts here, if that's easier. Thank you


please help me find the fonts =)

One sans should be Avant-Garde Gothic tweaked, the other sans Bliss and the serif a combination of Caslon Pro and Caslon Pro Italic (swash caps available as opentype features).