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Gravestone type/lettering

Today I visited a cemetery near me mostly just so I could look at the type that was used on the various gravestones. It was amazing.

The full collection of pics is over on my Flickr but here are soem samples I thought were especially interesting.

I noticed a trend for this type of lettering/type that I could not identify, and I think it's quite striking, does anyone know if it has a name?

There was also this one used from 1912 until 1970 on this gravestone - yet the style is quite consistent.

And finally, does anyone know what this monogram/symbol means? I saw it quite a lot.

There are plenty of more samples and other types of lettering over at the flikr page, so if you're interested, go take a look.



I think that symbol is a monogram of IHS.

ah, thanks!