A conversation with Goran Soderstrom

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A conversation with Goran Soderstrom

Fountain – A Conversation With [Ep.1]: Göran Söderström

The first in a series of portraits, made for the Swedish type foundry Fountain, to showcase its type designers.

In March 2010 we packed our gear, and flew up to Stockholm to have a conversation with Göran about his typefaces and his thoughts on type design.


Also available on YouTube.

Fountain – A Friendly Type Foundry​.
Göran Söderström: http://tinyurl.com/​2cj8qpp​

FontFeed article: http://fontfeed.com/archives/fountain-a-conversation-with-goran-soderstrom/

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Very well done and interesting.

Göran Söderström has a relaxed style and approach to type design which I found refreshing to hear.

I look forward to seeing future stuff from this young talent.

Great stuff! Keep them coming.