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hi fellow typophiles!
this is my latest creation - a display typeface inspired by the shape of a paperclip, but not just another minimalistic modular angular kind of thing. i wanted it to have classic proportions and high contrast and - here's the twist - drawn only with one single line per glyph.
it will have 3 weights, the heaviest is displayed on the picture. also lots of liga and dlig ligatures, and i'll try to make some starting and ending forms as well as some ornamental dropcaps, maybe...

so, i would really appreciate your feedback. thanks! ondrej

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one word: wow.

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This is really great. I particularly like how you've made the inner counter of the o, e, g, 2 and 6 with a vertical bit of a paperclip. The top of the T feels too narrow, and that glyph is maybe too short, but maybe I'm imagining that. The c feels pretty thin on the bottom, although I don't know how you'd correct that.

If you feel like posting more characters, it would be interesting to see them.

When does it go on sale? :) Let us know!

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Agreed, this is great stuff.
I'd definitely raise the cap height.
Can you "cheat" a little and take a tiny bit of weight off the lines where you have those barely overlapping loops at the tops of letters (e.g. /o/a/e/B/C/&/)
Looking forward to seeing how you solve /i/X/#/$/!

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hi matt! thanks for your comments!
yes, the caps are quite short. at first, the font was supposed to be caps only, so when i decided to add lowercase and did few letters, i found out that i really like how the short caps work with them. and what's a bonus – i don't need to design small capitals :)

right now i'm working on diacritics and the ligatures. i think it could be finished before christmas. i'll drop a line when it's out.

thank you! ondrej

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Cool! I'm looking forward to this one.

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