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Stylistic Sets

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Joined: 22 May 2008 - 6:45am
Stylistic Sets

In an earlie thread
"A (very) simple question about OpenType Stylistic Sets"
they were discussing Stylistic set matters.

I know that some discussions here caused adobe amd microsoft to support some stuff.

Anyhow, I uses stylistic sets for varios causes.
in some cases i need to appoint another stylistic set to cancal the effect of the previos because that when using Paragraph Style, you can't just select some words and uncheck the stylistic set, this wil cancal it for thw whole paragraph.

I would like to see wrather than a static stylistic set (1-20), a dynamic one with the ability of giving it a name in the menu.

Like this if a font does'nt support any stylistic sets the menu will be grayed.
if the font supports only 2 stylistic sets the menu will contain only 2 items.
and if the font supports 200 stylistic sets, the menu will contain 200 items.

more so, i would like to see sub menus, like this i can group stylistic sets into toics.

programing a dynamic menu is nothing for adobe, and every thing for a font developer.

why limit the options?????

tags should be not ss01, but s001..s999 with a value for subgrouping
>> Main Feature
++>> Sub Feature 1
++>> Sub Feature 2
++>> Sub Feature 3

cant this be done?????

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Joined: 30 Jun 2009 - 3:48am

At least you can give the stylistic sets non cryptical names, although there is not yet a program, that supports that, even not the Creative Suite 5: Descriptive names for Stylistic Set ('ss01 - ss20') features.

And according to the OT spec, name IDs 256 to 32767, inclusive, are reserved for font-specific names such as those referenced by a font's layout features.

The name ID of ss01 starts with 256, as far as I remember. Just try, what happens, if you generate a ss21-feature with regard to the name ID, if feature params are set and if ss01-ss20 exist. I assume, that the AFDKO is already able to generate a ss21 feature with an individual name, although I have not checked that. So it probably is more a question of the missing apps, that support more than 20 ss-features, than a question of a tool, that is able to generate a font with more than 20 ss-features.

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Joined: 22 May 2008 - 6:45am

I work with MSVOLT

at the time when i had to decide between them, i undersood that AFDKO does not support mark positioning (I develop hebrew fonts) so i learned Volt.