Typeface with script swashes in book cover! Anyone know?

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Does anyone know what is the typeface with script swashes on this book cover? (low x-height, high ascenders) I thought it was Mrs.Eaves Sans, but this one has high ascenders!


Thank you!

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Canterbury Sans. There is also a serif version.

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Thank you, Stewf! Unfortunately, no tildas and some portuguese/latin accents (like ã, á, à, ã, â, ç, etc) right? It seems that Red Rooster is mostly an english-language type foundry?

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If you can get by with the serifed version, this one has the complete Latin A Extended character set...


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Unfortunately, no tildas and some portuguese/latin accents
Actually, those glyphs appears to be there:

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Thanks oldnick and riccard0! I'll check this better!

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