Alternatives to Trajan

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Looking for an alternative.

Trajan has the right "feeling" but would be lovely to find something with a bit more "ink" and less air around it, just a bit more compact. And perhaps an alternative with a broader uppercase S.

Also, the bold isn't very bold.


EDIT: A family with small letters and not just uppercase letters would be fantastic.

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Try Penumbra Serif which has heavier weights …

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Do you know our new font "LeBeaune" just published today?

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Thanks guys, looks like some good alternatives!

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>Looking for an alternative.

If you tell us the title of the movie we may be able to suggest a good fit.

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Maybe the best choice is Mantinia by matthew Carter (available from Font Bureau)

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FS Rome

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Wow, Damien Gautier, I never met you before, it's weird how much we look like each other.

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Goudy Forum???

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Also look at this list by FontShop (former?) staff.

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FontShop staff is more than only one person. FontLists are compiled by a number of people on the FontShop team (including me).

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Yeah, you tell 'em Yves!

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.Garda, which has three styles of terminals is an elegant alternative.

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Oops. Sorry, Yves. Didn't mean the comment to be snarky.

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@thedash: If you can briefly describe…

1. What is the context? (audience, medium &c)
2. What are the goals?

…it will greatly improve people's ability to make informed recommendations.

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