Lowercase figures for Frutiger?

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Have you ever seen oldstyle figures for Font Family Frutiger LT St?

I mean, figures that have

ascenders : 6, 8
descenders : 3,4,5,7,9
x - height only : 1,2,0

Like ITC Braganza.

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Check out Frutiger Next, which introduced oldstyle figs in the opentype fonts.

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I've seen them in specimens, but never in use.
In the documentary on Frutiger Next, Adrian Frutiger does a quick sketch of the oldstyle figures (in which he makes a mistake on "4"), which Akira Kobayashi implements (fixing the mistake).
So I don't think the designer's heart was in it (really, it's a feature made to accommodate Adobe layout apps and the OpenType format), and a bit of a travesty for this modern typeface.

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What's the mistake?

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I disagree.

Unless you are setting tables or columns of numbers, 'old style' figures look more 'natural' within blocks of text on a page.

But, that's my opinion :)

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What's the mistake?

IIRC, one of the characters which normally has a descender was standing on the baseline; the 4, I think.

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This site gives the best online showing:


Correct though they may be, don't you find the oldstyle figures quaint in proportion and busy in comparison to the sublimely modern reduction of the alphabetic characters?

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A version of Frutiger Linotype with oldstyle figures was at one time (and may still be) included with Microsoft Reader, a free, downloadable application for reading eBooks on Windows-based devices.

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