My first ever attempt at a custom font, for a sports logo!!!

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Joined: 7 Aug 2006 - 9:18pm
My first ever attempt at a custom font, for a sports logo!!!

Hello people,

I have been looking for a nice bold font for awhile now and i could find anything that would suit my logo, company name FOURMATION.

Option 1: Is the first attempt but decided that the font would be better suited to my logo if it was longer and narrower which ended up being Option 2.

Do these work? Do they look ok? Is the kerning ok?



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Joined: 12 Aug 2007 - 4:05pm

Hi Michael,

It's tricky to tell how effective this will be without knowing something about the company. What are the values and unique propositions of this company? That should inform the choice of type and design concept.

At first glance, this doesn't on its own grab my attention. The best logos have the power to attract further interest about the organisation. I'm not sure what your logo is telling me.

If you're going to stick with this type rather than find the perfect font, there are a couple of potential improvements I'd suggest. The tracking is tight, which means at small sizes especially on screen the letters will join together. Then, to do with letter widths and white space, the F and M need attention. The F, having all that white space underneath, needs narrowing to counterbalance that. I'd also do something to the M to increase the white space under the armpits and decrease the upper counter, it looks unbalanced to me. The T could be narrowed in the same way as F. N looks narrow. The A looks similar to the R, and the eye has to work to resolve that distinction I feel.

Is this logotype to be used alone or will there be a graphic element too?

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It doesn't look really bad, but making a custom font might turn out harder than you think. There are many fonts in this style available out there, so I'd just by one of them. If you can't find them. Post a new topic about it here on typophile.

If you insist on making a custom font:

Make your curves smoother
Make the horizontall thinner
F narrower
O wider
U smaller
T smaller
An I with horizontal strokes on the top and bottom might look good.
Spacing needs some work too, but that's for later.