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Here's where you can find the Yagi typefaces, if you're interested...

The typefaces, called Retro Stereo Wide, Thin, and Thin Alternate,
can be found at http://www.acidfonts.com. The cost is absolutely free.

I've been trying to find a digital version of Yagi Double for years
and even made one myself in 1995. These typefaces I found were very
faithfully reproduced.

Look around in the free typeface websites. Who knows? You might find
something very interesting!


Thanks for recognizing my original release film font release of 1968. Yagi fonts were originated in the Facsimile Font program. I'm glad that it has been revived.
Bob Trogman, FotoStar International

Hey! They even included Cyrillic!

Also, there is a commercial version by Thinkdust

You should contact them so you get proper credit and $$

Bob, thank you for responding to my comment on Yagi Double,
one of my absolute favorite typefaces.

I never thought that I would read from the man who drew the types.

I've loved it ever since I was a child in the 1970's. Probably
when I watched ABC's Rhyme and Reason game show on TV, back then.
Notice the podium before Bob Eubanks?