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The truth is that the lettering are not all that Hadassa, But the atmosphere is very much alike.

This is a first skech of the font.
what do you guys think??

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My opinion would not count for much, not being able to read or speak Hebrew.

Even so, with one look at the specimen, I could see some basic facts about the design.

It is attractive in appearance.

It has a touch of a "monumental" feel to it; that is, the shapes of the letters are such that one could imagine them being carved into rock.

There do not appear to be any legibility issues with the face, although it doesn't look like a design in which other considerations have been subordinated to efficiency in reading.

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John S.,

This design's origin is based upon Henri Friedlaender's original popular novel design. He was commissioned to have it cut in stone.

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In that case, clearly the designer of Hadassa Elegant did succeed in preserving that aspect of the atmosphere of Hadassa. Although I wouldn't have guessed that of the versions of the original Hadassa that I've seen, so I cannot be all that perceptive; the heavier weight, and the outward sloping of the sides, presumably among other and subtler characteristics, had led me to that conclusion in respect of this new face.

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