"The American" Movie - Title Design

I watched "The American" yesterday. And the subtle yet superb opening titles caught my eye. Can anyone identify the font they used there? Also I searched for the agency, who made the title design, but no luck. they are not listed in the credits. Any idea?

note: the font in the titles is NOT the same as for the movie poster.


Reminds me of Borgstrand, but is not. Could be a custom logo. Did the rest of the titles use this type?

yes. all the titles in the credits are the same font. the rolling credits at the end are set in the same font as well.

Got any more stills?

unfortunately not very good ones.

It certainly is not, but you might like Eric Olson’s Stratum.

Stratum looks nice. Thanks for the hint.

I learned that Tom Hingston is responsible for the titles. I tried to get in touch with him, to learn about the font, but he never got back to me...
the font he uses on his website looks quite similar to the font i'm looking for.

From browsing his portfolio, it looks like his studio does a lot of their own type and lettering.

Hey schui,
Did you ever figure this out? I watched the film tonight and hopped on the computer to see if anyone knew the font from the opening sequence. Looks like you were on the same quest.