Poster Design Critique

I've been working on a poster for a client and he totally hates it. What changes do people suggest I make to the design?

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What is it for & what does he hate? Without knowing what it is for we cannot really give any advice. If he really does totally hate it perhaps you need to start again from scratch.

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Without knowing any background I couldn't say anything on the content etc. as said above.

To me though with know knowledge on the brief, the message looks lost in almost an optical illusion of the shapes?

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I find this hard to understand as 'a poster', posters originated as bold and clear pieces of print; this is confusing, uninformative and provides me with very little. Other than a passing glance I would be disinclined to give this any more of my time.

Maybe work on some stronger type, more info and more simplicity in the repetition. I believe a concept is present but its far from complete, repeating and rotating what could essentially be a page with 4 words on it doesn't do it for me.

Sorry if that sounds negative but here's a few pointers:

- Get the type to stand out more, larger/more swiss typeface.
- Consider some colour unless you have a limited brief, maybe white background with black/red laid over?
- Simplify the 'optical illusion' and try and make more of a stylish feature of it than what I dare call 'a mess'

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Morph an old, 'weak', dull typeface into a new, 'strong', bright one?

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I agree with twiggy, particularly on the stronger swiss typeface. This serif seems lost and flimsy.

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