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I've been working on a poster for a client and he totally hates it. What changes do people suggest I make to the design?

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A little more info would help. What message are you trying to communicate? Who is the intended audience? What reason did your client give for hating it? etc

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Your design look quite "idiosyncratic"... remember that design is solving you client problems (not yours) in a socially responsable way.

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I can guess that this may be one of those clients who has a problem with communicating what he wants. Still, it's a fair bet that what he hates is the whole concept, so the problem isn't going to be fixed with any mere changes we could suggest to make it look nicer. And no matter what his problem with it is, there is significance in the fact that I'm looking at it and I don't know what the heck it is about. It's a fine diagram of a spinning stack of blank posters, though.

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A similar idea with slightly different elements, trying to convey the idea of remaking and refining each time. What do you think now?

Here's a link to an image of the poster:

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> trying to convey the idea of remaking and refining

Sorry but I still don't understand what your client is trying to communicate or accomplish with these posters. Employee motivation to work harder? Part of ad campaign with the product name not inserted yet? Something else?

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It's for an exhibition about works that are constantly in a state of refinement and reinvention. Maybe it needs to be simpler / clearer, do you think?

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