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Atkinson Bros. Agency logo from 1980's -- puzzling embellishments

Hello all; this is my first time posting, though I've come here reading off and on. I have been learning all I can so I can speak intelligently about this topic, but please forgive me (and correct me) if I use some of the technical terms incorrectly or too broadly.

The attached logo was found on some rolls of metallic stickers that our insurance agency has been using for various purposes for at least twenty years, if not longer. We are currently looking into branching out with our marketing methods, which has of course left us in need of a distinctive "look" -- and we would like to use this logo, as it is (in our opinion) rather handsomely suited to the "tone" of the business we are pursuing, as well as able to give us some brand continuity. Unfortunately, the gentleman who designed the logo for us is long deceased, and we have no original files anywhere either.

Now, even after hours of searching and browsing through font identification tools, none of us have been able to determine which typeface is used here. The interesting flourishes don't help, I'm sure...

All I have been able to determine is that it is "related" to the Garamond family -- look at the serifs on the arms of the T (they point both up and down) plus the triangular upper arm of the K, the downward-pointing serif on the top of the S, and the single serif on the right vertical of the N. Another feature I noticed is the peculiarly slanted apex of the A -- as if it were drawn with a thin nib pen rather than coming to a "pure" vertex. However, it seems more lightweight and more narrow than any of the various Garamond faces I've looked at, or any of the "similar" fonts I've found. Of course, the fact that the sample I have been working with is so small probably hasn't helped, and neither have the odd embellishments, like the tails on the K and the R, the weirdly tall S, raised/underlined O's, and the...it's not a ligature even though I want to call it that...between the N and the S.

If anyone has some clue as to what this might be, or even just a better way of searching for the face or more vocabulary to use (e.g., what are the terms for the swoosh between the N and the S, and for the raised O's?) it would be greatly appreciated!


Yes, it's Garamond and, yes, it's been heavily customized. The only way to recreate it is to have a competent designer redraw it.

This can be easily traced in Adobe Illustrator and made into a vector logo.