Greater Albion Typefounders have just released the Worthing family on Myfonts.com and Fontspring (fonts.com release to follow).

Worthing aims to combine Victorian charm with modern-day requirements for legibility and clarity, and we hope, demonstrates that traditional elegance still has its place in the modern world. Meanwhile, for those who our curious about the naming of our fonts, Mr Lloyd our designer was reading Mr Wells (H. G.) “War of the Worlds” recently. No doubt some of you will remember the part that Worthing in Sussex played in that story. Worthing is offered in three styles, regular, alternate and shaded. It's ideal for Victorian and Edwardian era inspired design work, posters and signage, as well as for book covers, chapter headings and so forth.

Here is a sample of the three Worthing faces:

Nick Shinn's picture

I say, jolly good show, old chap!

Rasendyll's picture

Thanks very much Nick!

Nick Cooke's picture

The kerning is a bit off in the last W OR THING sample.

eliason's picture

Yes, the straight-to-straight spacing overall seems relatively too tight to my eye.

Rasendyll's picture

Nick- Good point-it turns out that the last sample of three was generated with kerning turned off...oops! Here's a better one:

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