4 Italian Restaurant Fonts ...Please ID

First, I am new here. Hello.

A client of mine has given me a t-shirt to be recreated and contains four fonts that I cannot identify for the life of me.

I have scanned then traced the image in illustrator, then thew em' in photoshop and converted it into a jpeg as i see thats the preferred format here.

I greatly appreciate any help I receive on this.

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"Ristorante" is very, very similar to the font, Freshscript - but you will have to do a slight modification to the letter "t" to match it.
"pizzeria" I believe is ITC Eras Book - with a lot of letter spacing.
"GNA" is Zapf Chancery - but you will have to chop off the tail of the "G" to make it match.
But as for "West Reading, PA" - no idea, but you may want to try looking in the Brush family.

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Thank you both so much for your help.
Everything is spot on except for "Ristorante" and FreshScript. It's the R that's giving me the most problems.

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Ristorante could be Rage Italic:

which is sort of the original version of FreshScript:

In any case, it has been squooshed a good bit.

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You, sir, are some kind of typeface prodigy. Many thanks!

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