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Need to know the names of these fonts

Hi! I need to know what are the names of these fonts. I'm tired of looking for
and can't find them

I will seriously appreciate who helps me


The first is Glosa Text.

The last looks like something between Zócalo and Electra. Is this from a magazine or newspaper? They often use custom typefaces.

thank you so much!!! =D

portuguese newspaper

Very likely custom work by DSType.

Sans could be Whitney.

true. after reviewing 10 portuguese newspapers for a project work, I realized that mostly include Dino dos Santos and Mario Feliciano lettering.

thanks again

Sans could also be Brandon Grotesque via http://hvdfonts.com/

but the print looks older than the publication of this type family.

Pretty sure the bottom face is Quiosco from Font Bureau.

And I think the sans is Poynter Gothic Text. FB (and H&FJ) are always safe bets for anything on newsprint.

Reed - it looks like Quiosco and that was my first thought too, but is not. Perhaps an early or custom version. Many of Font Bureau's typefaces began as commissions and are then adjusted before retail release.

Oh crap, I was reading and writing "Quiosco" but thinking "Zócalo". My mistake! Reed is right.

thanks for your help!!!