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Happy typographic families: available!

The "happy typographic families" is available!
Learn, understand, revise typography and its families with fun and with friends!
74 cards 5,8 x 9,3 cm in a plexiglass box.
60 fonts from the most famous foundries are presented.
In French or in English.
Published by Éditions Deux-Cent-Cinq: http://www.editions205.fr


Intriguing, but vague. Is it a game? Can you share the instructions in English?

Yes, it's a really "serious" game to understand, learn or revise typography and families.
You can play with friends (and even with your children, I played with my children and they liked it!) like with a "happy families" game.
But because typography is not so simple, rules are a bit more difficult with 2 large families (10 cards) that count 2 families (a familie count 6 cards), with a superfamilie (4 cards) that allow you to catch a other player's familie (only if you can recite all fonts in his family). A real pleasant time, be sure!

These cards are also real specimens to present 60 fonts – classics or recents from worldwilde foundries (Linotype, Underware, 256tm, 205, B&P Typefoundry, FF, OurType, etc.)

Don't hesitate...