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Hello. Not sure this is the perfect place to post this, but know I can probably get some opinions here. To make a really long re-brand effort story short, I'll just say that I'm working on an ID for a small design firm and the direction from the client has been given to try something hand-written. With the client being a creative agency, I want to push it in a direction that isn't too clean or proper. I visualize the mark being used large on things....may be always running off the edge or something. I wanted some opinions on the options I posted below. I applied them to a business card to give some context. These are not the "real" business cards. So...any opinions would be appreciated! Which options you like/hate/think they're all crap...whatever. These were made with india ink + brush.


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I like the first one best.

Though it may be something of a cliché, it immediately occurred to me that the text could be placed more diagonally on the card.

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I like the shape of 1 best but would like to see it positioned/sized like 2.

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One is best and I like the placement

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Thanks for the input. Number-1 was the current fav around here also.

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option one for sure

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