Reverting To Type

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Reverting To Type

The exhibition is curated by Graham Bignell of New North Press and graphic designer Richard Ardagh and features prints and publications by progressive practitioners from around the world. Participants include renowned US broadsheet printers Yee Haw Industries and Hatch Show Print as well as British presses Hand & Eye, Typoretum, Mr Smith and Occasional Print Club.
To coincide with the exhibition, New North Press has published the first of an ongoing series of collaborative prints by contemporary artists, designers and wordsmiths: prints by contemporary artists, designers and wordsmiths: author Vikram Seth, book-cover designer David Pearson and typographers Phil Baines, Catherine Dixon and Fraser Muggeridge were invited to utilize the studio’s type library in their own distinctive styles.
The majority of the show’s unique exhibits will be for sale and the gallery will also host a working Adana press to hand-print your own personalized Christmas cards.
Reverting to Type aims to highlight the pioneers at the helm of the current resurgence of interest in letterpress; from computer-based designers with a desire to ply a craft with a tactile immediacy that has been lost with modern revitalize their design output.