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Hi everyone, I'm redoing a logo for a company producing educational games for children. The logo is supposed to appeal to children and educators (parents and teachers). It should have a "smart child" look about it.

Could people please give me their opinion of the design that I have made including font?

jigsaw logo + co name.gif13.38 KB
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Don't try to fit the name into the mark and remove the black stroke around it

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Thanks Penn. I took out the words and lines from the logo (see attachment 2 above) but it looks a bit weak. Don't you think that the lines give it more structure and child-like feeling (see attachment 3)?

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Perhaps you can try and form K out of jigsaw pieces by rotating blocks on the left in a certain way?

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Thanks Apankrat. I don't think you can make a K with squares. It would require changing the idea completely, I think.

The jigsaw is not a new idea but it symbolises things coming together in order. Plus the company is doing educational games. Does that idea come through?

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If you just detach the lower right jigsaw piece mirroring the top right one (but maybe with a slightly different angle, if the “in order” part is needed), you could retain (or even strengthen) the concept while visually reminding the K.

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Thanks Riccard0, I had a go at your idea but couldn't get it to work. Jigsaws are actually very complicated with all the male and female parts etc. It's hard to get them to do anything in between chaos and all fitting together.

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Comments on the font?

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