Film Poster - True Grit

Can anyone please identify the typeface in this poster. I was quite pleased they did not use "old western-y" typography for this film since it is a modern remake.



Thank you for your time and response.

At first, I wasn't too sure if it was Rockwell. I have never paid attention to some of the pointy elements like the M. I could have knew better.

I thought the title was well done but I cringed at the treatment of "punishment - comes one way or another". I personally think they could have used a different font for actor's names. Rockwell condensed is definetely an awkward choice. I guess it is just the legenth of the name made it appear so awkward.

BTW the directors' names seem to be set in something else, it reminds me of Giza by FontBureau but it's not it I think.

I agree. I noticed that, too.

Do you think this different version is better with the treatment of the actor's names?

You can see more versions at: or at

I also like each character's own poster series, too.