DERZEIT Mag- 2 fonts to identify

Wanted to know the header font "DERZEIT" and the font used for "the Prognosis Issue" at the bottom. Thanks in advance!


I’d say the one at the bottom is a custom font and the header font is based on that font (see the |R|). Have you tried to contact the guys at DERZEIT?

download the issue as PDF here

they are using Bembo for the copy text and the rest, i guess, is custom made

The mysterious MSC Galvanik.

Never heard of MSC Galvanik nor seen it, Riccardo. Not even rumors of it. Do you know more about it? (Or was that just a joke?)

SemiCondensad Black and Book: MSC_Galvanik, Manuel Schibli, 2010.

So then it’s clear, custom font made by the art director.

@Renko: I just saw the name among the embedded fonts into the aforelinked PDF.

@Riccardo: Ah, I see. It sounded to me as if there was a discussion about it somewhere. Thanks for the info, anyway.

No chance of finding either to download then? Ah well, thank you all anyway!