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I have set up a wiki dedicated to the technicalities of font production and their related topics. I invite you to join, add and edit content. Please use your real name and include a short description of who you are when signing up. You have to be signed up to edit the content, but the content is readable by everyone. The project is fully non-commercial, but you are of course free to use the information in the wiki to produce commercial fonts. Don't worry about entering complete data, editing is what the wiki system is good at.

Feel free to spread the word about

Hope to see you there!
Claus Eggers Sørensen

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Claus, how do you see that project relating to Typophile's Typowiki?

clauses's picture is solely concerned with technical aspects relating to the planning and production of font files. So the scope is more narrowly delineated. More importantly though, is based on the fully featured MediaWiki system – the same as Wikipedia uses. This allows for tracking of changes, full revision history, and discussions can be done behind the individual articles on special pages.

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