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Carnival/Western Style Display Face

So I saw this Carnival/Western style display face two days ago, and have bene looking everywhere possible since. Some examples are listed below.



I have stumbled across only one in the past day that is very close, but some of the serif/ornaments are not the same. That can be seen here.


I have literally spent hours going through free and paid type sites and am just not having any luck. The above was actually suggested using What the Font on MyFonts.com.

Thanks in advance for any input!


These are really great suggestions thanks much! It's almost as though Saloon Girl and Lynchburg were melded into a much nicer font.

Not sure these are 100% it but it gives me a great starting point. Still gonna keep looking a bit more, any more suggestions are welcome!

Thanks again riccard0.

Also similar, but less ornate (and less flexible in usage):

I wonder if it's a font that actually has some kind of inline detail which has been removed. It looks a little heavier than the similar ones that have been linked to here.

Excellent suggestion Justin, something to be looking at as I continue my search.