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Beautiful asian inspired wedge serif / Calligraphy options

Hey Guys,
I'm wondering if anyone can identify the typeface (Japanese Sign Language)? I'm also looking for alternate suggestions for asian inspired serif fonts (I've done a typophile search and have discoved a few limited options) I really want to stay away from any "cheesy" chinese style chop socky/takeout fonts. As well, I'm looking for a nice high quality calligraphy option (I realize the example provided is likely hand drawn) Thanks for any suggestions guys!


Have a look at Hiroshige and Hiroshige Sans, created for a book featuring the work of Japanese artist Ando Hiroshige.

Also check out the rest of Arthur Baker’s calligraphic fonts.

Thanks very much Stephen, those are some really solid suggestions, especially Arthur Bakers faces. Cheers,

For the serif, Brioso and Footlight Light come to mind.