Voting on Typophile Threads & Comments

You may have noticed some up/down arrows on the right of Forums threads & comments. [EDIT: They have since been removed until we have a better reason to use them.] I've turned on voting, but ultimately what we do with this is up to all of us. As Typophile continues to grow with hundreds of thousands of pieces of content, we're going to need some new tools to start to sift signal from noise. A few of my initial thoughts and ideas on how we might want to use this...

- View quality content, not just the stuff that's popular
- See top voted content by day, week, month, all time
- Users with lots of upvotes on their content get status within the community.
- Type ID: The community identifies who solved the ID, which could feed into a leaderboard.
- Content recommendations: Typophile suggests other content that is similar to the stuff you've upvoted.

- The community downvotes trolls, griefers, spammers and the comments gray out.
- Enough community downvotes and the comment disappears entirely.
- Typophile filters content out that you're not interested in based on your voting history.

How would _you_ like to see voting results used to enhance your Typophile experience?



Sounds good. Typophile is a wonderful website, but the one thing that botheres me is the search engine. In my opinion it just doesn't work very well. If you want to get to all the different content, a good search engine is important. This might be a bit off topic, but to me this is more important than the voting. Hope this helps. Keep improving typophile!

It'll be interesting to see how people use this feature and what functionality it adds. I'm a little confused that up-votes help you see 'quality content, not just stuff that's popular' — wouldn't the up-votes indicate popular stuff?

Agree with Jasper re search engine.

I too think that voting should be a low priority on how to improve the Typophile’s experience.

And I noticed I can’t vote on this blog post…

Agreed - Search is key. I'm working on a better solution for that as well.

It's a work in progress, and a bit ugly - but now you can find a "Google Search" tab in the search results. For the moment, you'll have to reenter your search terms, but you'll stay on Typophile.

Direct access to search is also here:

I'm glad to see some new activity as far as improvements to Typophile! Much like others here, though, voting means less to me than my previously stated feature requests would.

I like some of the ideas here. (don't you love how I contribute to the discussion).

Sorry, Simon, I voted your comment down. Now what?

That's ok (okokokokay!)I voted your comment up, now what?!?

This is soooo silly. You can not (repeat: can not) use any form of ‘self censoring’ or ‘self correcting’ and maintain a lively and interesting forum. (Hope this entry gets lots of DOWN's to prove my point)

Why not re-instate that really small and extremely useful feature: the back/next links in threads?

There seems to be a problem with the coding here: the vote count gets dropped on top of an image if it is present in the first post.

The voting was an experiment, in the spirit of an active prototype - but I think we'll go ahead and turn it off until we've got a solid reason to use it, and a payoff where you see results. Thanks everyone for feedback.

Too bad, I’d vote that last comment up!

I personally would like to see the ability to have a list of saved threads that each user can have. /not the same as the tracker.

Yeah that's also a good idea brian, though you might also just use your favorites in your browser, but still.

Perhaps, but I don't always use the same device to access typophile. So, being able to do that instead would be much better!

Now with the voting turned off, I'm still seeing those "0 votes" messages on some threads.

The “votes” count now is really a “mark” count: