Sharing: 2011 Typograhic Wall Calendar

I thought this would be the right place to share my project:

I'm working on a typographic wall calendar, made of two thousand and eleven keyboard keys. Last year I did one made of 2010 keys.(

This year I turned the design into a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is a public funding platform for design and art projects.
Here is the link to the project-website with a little video:

I also was invited to a lengthy interview about my design process:

On my website i wrote a bit more in depth about the piece:

And there is even a concept text and picture as downloadable PDF:

I hope you enjoy the work.
Typographic or non-typographic feedback either directly or through mail is welcome.
Spreading the word is appreciated (since i need to get backers to fulfill the typographic project.)

Yours Sincerely,
Harald Geisler

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Update: Project is @125% and 36 hours left.
And a new video with a lot of typewriter sounds in background!


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Too bad this isn’t in the handpicked section, this project would deserve it for sure!

Any moderators around?

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Great project. Promoted to front page.

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You have been a busy lad, I see :-)

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Thanks for the nice replies, and especially for the promotion to frontpage!

The last days(feels like months) have been busy. But I wanted to share the final product with everybody on Typophile, by posting some pictures of the production and of course the finished calendar!

Here's the link to my Homepage with more details and background infos to the project:

Still in need for a wall calendar for next year? // Delayed Christmas/Holiday/New Year presents:
Since I like Typophile a lot (just like August), I would like to offer everyone who likes to get a copy of the print a Typophile discount.
Simply send me a mail after purchase via PayPal, saying that you've read about it on Typophile and you'll get 10% off,
+ And to make it exciting: everybody who posts a picture here in this thread of the received calendar in your studio or kitchen (or where you'd like to place it) and get additional 15% (25% in total) )

Here is the link to order prints:

If you have extra time and a twitter or facebook acount - it would be great if you could share the link along your followers.

Thanks & a happy new year!

↓ final version

↓ this is how the packaged calendar looks like

↓ sorting keys

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Lovely calendar! How do you get the further 15% discount if you have to have already bought the calendar?
Can I get the discount first, and then post the picture. My word is my bond :)

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@Bloodtype - Good Question: I tried to find out how to setup discount codes with PayPal - seems impossible. It is just possible to send a part of the transfered money back via PayPal - that's how it normally works.

If you like to get the discount ahead - send me a mail to " mail [at] " and I send you a reduced money request through paypal - (and I will nag you until you post the picture - you got my word on that ;) )

Cheers - Harald

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Great idea and the overall image doesn't look boring at all, because of the different colours. Great Job!

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Thanks for that mate.

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Great idea and the overall image doesn't look boring at all, because of the different colours.

Amazing how many different shades of beige there are. With the addition of finger grime it's very colourful.

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