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Type ID please - kind of filled in Helvetica?

Hi all,
I am new here - great board - please go easy on me.
I saw this font at the MoMA NY and would like to use it. Does anyone know what it is, and where I may be able to purchase it, please?


You can homebrew it, in theory, for your own use. Use Type 2.2 light (Windows, from CR8) or FontForge (Linux/Unix) on a freely-available Helvetica-style font (Free Sans bold, TeX Gyre Heros bold, URW Nimbus Sans bold -- all available under an open-source licence) to remove the centres from the letters you want all-black.

If you don't have the time, I reckon the blokes here can whip up a custom job for you. Likely to cost a small bit, but they'll know better than I.

Neue Helvetica with counters deleted.

Actually, really inconsistent in the counter-deletion area. The “a” in “state” gets it, but not the “a” in “whatnot.” And for some reason all the “e’s” survived unscathed.

Maybe the artiste is from Ghana...