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'28 Users and 504 Guests online' - it's nice to know Typophile is still attracting a crowd. I kind of assumed with so many other 'networks' available that people would use this place less and less.

Also, it appears that Mr Coles in online twice at the same time - multiple browsers? or has he perfected cloning tech?


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30:794 for me now. I was thinking it used to be much higher (over a thousand regularly) a year or two ago?

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Really? hmmm

28:415 now.

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The spambots visit in waves. ;-]

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Mr. Coles is probably accessing Typophile with more than one device and/or browser. Watch me make myself appear three times... There.

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The Who is online panel does not shows for me anymore. I'm using Firefox 3.6 in Vista 64-bit. But up to some days ago it was shown. Something to do with a Firefox update? Is anyone experiencing the same problem?

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I've got FF 3.6.3 and the panel shows OK for me...

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Mark has figured out cloning!

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Igor —

Go to your Account profile. Click on the Edit tab to view your Account settings. Down toward the bottom, under where you set your avatar, there’s a section called Block Configuration. Make sure the check box for Who’s Online is checked. That’s the setting to enable that panel.

I don’t know how it got turned off. (Unless maybe you accidentally hit it when you updated your avatar recently?)

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You're right, Kent! I turned off this option probably due to a mouse slip. Firefox is innocent, I'm the criminal I was looking for. Thank you very much.

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