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unusual serif on the 'h'

I have been trying to identify the fonts used in this logo as I have been asked to create a print document based on it, however the company that designed the logo originally is not being forthcoming with the information ... see the attached image, best quality I have available to me

I believe the second part of the font is "frutiger light" from the people at Adobe, but I have not been able to identify the first part, I think that maybe the serif on the 'h' in 'school' might help to identify it,

kind regards



is it Stempel Garamond?

Thanks, but no, I don't think so ... the letter 'o' seems to be rounder ... and the 'f' and 'c' also seem slightly different ... will continue the search :|

ITC Garamond.

Again thanks, it is closer in some respects but the serif on the letter 'h' goes the wrong way ... I will keep looking :|

but the serif on the letter 'h' goes the wrong way


Jan! you are a legend!

Seriously, kudos for that!