1946 typographische monatsblatter

Hi everyone, we are doing a work about book published in suisse between 46-48.
Now we found this really nice edition but we cannot find the font used, i checked all the fontshop catalog book but none, so i guess is not digitalize (almost sure).
If somebody can give us help...

thanks for your time!


I had also found the walbaum as similar font, but is not the same unfortunatly, the a and the be are quite a lot different... thanks anyway oldnick! :)

Right font, wrong cut. This is Berthold's "Standard" version vs. your sample:

The "difference" in the a--as well as the overall weight and sharpness--can be attributed to ink gain, either on the press or from linecast repros. Unless your purpose is out-and-out forgery, I doubt that you'll get any closer with digital type.

aaaaaah ok, you absolutely right!
I should remeber to check all the version of a font!
Thanks again.