Typography Dissertation. Advice needed

Hi there, i am currently in my third year at university studying graphic design and have recently started my dissertation.

I have decided on an area of which i would like to focus on however the subject area has been covered before and continues to be discussed in the design industry of late.

I would like to base my dissertation on print and pixel and where the two are heading. However i am really struggling on pin pointing one aspect within such a large subject (help?). For me print publishing will always appeal to me, the aesthetic value of a well designed publication is what print is all about. Its why I love what i do.

Now i have discussed and brainstormed the subject with my tutor. But if anyone can provide me with further advice then it would be greatly appreciated.



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Speculating about on where printed and digital type are going has little value as a dissertation because it’s just speculation. Find a way to turn this dissertation into the development of something concrete instead.

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Screen resolution. Non pixel displays. / Resurgent letterpress (polymer plates). Print as luxury.
History of changes in technology changing our reading and communicating>Future of changes in technology and the same.

No advice really, but writing a dissertation sounds like fun.

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