try figuring this one out :)

Any ideas? Im looking for the main logo and the small print.

ie. Arizona
ie. Green tea...


For the Green Tea font I’ll give you a hint.
It’s installed on about every computer on this planet.

Wooow, touche. My ability to recognize is limited. How about the answer? :)

Didn’t check your system fonts? Lazy!


My ability to recognize is limited.

Anybody could recognize Papyrus

Well Nick Cooke, apparently not. Looks like you are wrong.

But, yes it's a lazy thing. I have a lot of work to do.

What about the other one? any ideas friendly people??

Arizona is possibly April or Cedar Key. Whatever it is it has been squashed down a lot, and the A has been pulled around and a stroke might have been added.

@Nick Cooke: Recognising a typeface is not the same as knowing its name.

Manually stretched and heavied up Arab Brushstroke?

I meant if it's a system font anybody would be able to recognize it.

Only on a Mac, m8. Only on a Mac. Windows got Comic Sans instead.