Quick question...

Does anyone know what typeface Green & Black's use please?

There's the logo/name ^

Thanks in advance, I know someone will know :)


haha Nick, nice one

Aside from posting in the correct forum: weird, but it looks a lot like Trajan -- except for tiny details as on the G ...

There are two different designs there. "Organic" is in Trajan (Adobe). The Green & Black's logo is something else, modified for the logo: perhaps TF Arrow (Treacyfaces)?



The 'organic' is Trojan pro apparently, but I still have no idea what the 'Green & Black's' typeface is...? it does look modified though.

(btw sorry for posting in wrong section, I was in a rush)

If it is any help, Green & Black's chocolate has been around since the early '90s and I'm pretty sure they've always had this logo, which would rule out any fonts designed since then.