Type Innovations: New update: Contax Pro

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Type Innovations: New update: Contax Pro

I was recently contacted by an art director working for "Promotion and Branding" at TOYA, in Poland.

They bought the entire family of "Contax Pro and needed certain Polish glyphs for a TOYA brochure they were creating.

In order to accommodate them, I got busy creating all the accented characters they required and then just decided to do them all.

It took a while, but I have just now updated all 18 "Contax Pro weights and styles with a full compliment of "Eastern European" character sets.

Ewa Kowalczyk was kind enough to sent me a PDF of the final brochure they created using "Contax Pro, which I am happy to share with everyone here at the "Type Forum".

It is indeed rewarding to see your fonts being used.

Ewa said everyone involved with the project was delighted with the new look and feel of the brochure, which has a fresh, clean and modern look to it.

I agree. Thank you Ewa.