Comments RSS re-enabled

For those of you who've missed being able to subscribe to individual topics, we've re-enabled it. Look for the icon in your browser's URL bar, or modify any URL by inserting "crss/" in this manner:



Great! This is yet another step in the right direction.

To further improve on this concept though, it'd be nice if I didn't have to clutter my RSS list with all the individual feeds, and could instead mark threads to be included in a combined "watched" list, whether or not I've commented on them. Such a list could be viewed on the site, but – more importantly – could have it's own RSS feed.

The need for this kind of thing is apparent from all the people adding comments on a thread that are devoid of any information (usually a single period). When I first saw these non-comments, I thought they were spam, but eventually realized that people were using it as a hack in order to see when there had been new comments, via their Track page.

To complement the concept of an RSS feed for "watched" items, it'd also be nice to have an RSS feed for threads which I've commented on.

Finally, to round out the system, perhaps a single feed for both "watched" and "commented on" threads (so as to avoid duplicates where the two might overlap).

Keep up the good work!

Yeah, I've got a flagging system in the works which should enable this sort of thing, but it's been throwing errors. Going to consult with someone in the coming week or two, and hopefully we can get it squared away.


Links in RSS page seem broken