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Verizon logotype

I know verizon's logo is among the most reviled in the typography community, but what is it about Verizon's bland, uninspiring, lackluster logo that we all hate? I'm trying to improve the logotype, but I was hoping to see what others thought of it. How can it be improved? I feel like they play up the Z a bit too much by tucking the bottom stroke under the 'on'; and their combo mark 'check' only disappoints with it's leaning 90º angle. Today Verizon touts itself as the number one network in America and considers itself "The Network". How would this best be communicated typographically? From what I've gathered it seems as though bolder more Gothic looking typefaces are better suited here, but what of their portmanteau name? (Veritas + Horizon = Verizon) Ought that lend some sort of serif trustworthiness to the mix? Slabs seem likely, however it just doesn't 'look' like Verizon to me.