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Heavy Humanist Serif - New Design

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Heavy Humanist Serif - New Design

Hi There typophilers,

New time poster/ long time admirer of typophile from Brighton UK here attempting a typeface based on a logo i designed for our company - a design studio called Filthy in the UK. Attatched is the filthy logo, which is to be printed in a black foil and embossed, but for the moment i have added some lighting effects to give you the idea of the final outcome. Here i am attempting to create a typeface that is of a heavy weight and resembles latex when used as a logo (mirroring the Filthy theme).

I have developed the typeface for a mailout and am now extending the face into a full working typeface. I believe it could be fairly interesting when completed. The face uses influences from rhythmic calligraphic stokes and from heavy weighted Caslon faces. I have added a humanist element to the face as well.

I am doing okay with square based characters such as M and N, however v,w,s are all proving difficult and wondered if I could get a critique and advice from you all. Ill supply more artwork too when i can. Thanks!

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All responses hereby directed to the Critique forum post:


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