Modified cursive typeface..

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I've taken an existing typeface; re-sketched it slightly modified, scanned then inked it in illustrator. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this. There are a few things I want to change, would like to hear your opinions/criticisms.

I wrote the word 'eleven' :)

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still nothing!?

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The exit stroke of e isn't fluid. The loop of v is a bit wonky.

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thanks ric..

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I concur with riccard0: the flow doesn’t work. Imagine writing this with a pen and try to emulate that — eg: upstroke of e = loop of l, etcetera.

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Well it's not as constructive but I'm gonna say it looks quite nice. Smooth out a few curves and you've got yourself a very attractive script.

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Very nice. Bit close to Coca Cola maybe?!

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What was the original font? Reminds me a bit of Chicago Script

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yeh it was based on coca cola :)

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