Looking for an example of the font of a very early Italian bible

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Hello all,
I was browsing the web for fonts for my next tattoo idea, when I came upon this website. I saw many great postings, so I decided to see if anyone could possibly help me find pictures of the font in a very early bible from Italy, from Rome or the surrounding area if possible. I just need a few pictures, so I can have my artist draw from them. I am getting the 23rd psalm written out across my chest, and I wish to have the most accurate font possible. Thanks all!

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As it happens I'm reading Fred Smeijers' Counterpunch at the moment, and there's a very nice example of Pierre Haultin's (French, not Italian) Nonpareille Romaine, a 6 pt roman punchcut from 1557, originally made for bibles. Alternatively you might want to look in to Francesco Griffo (Italian), who around 1499 cut the basis for what later became Bembo.

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