Help Finding a Cursive Typeface for a Montessori Alphabet Book

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I'm making an alphabet book for my son. He attends Montessori school, where they introduce the alphabet using lowercase, cursive letters. I'm looking for a typeface that is reminiscent of the lettering that used to be in the cursive workbooks I used as a kid.

Here is a good example:

The "practice strokes" that start letters such as a, o, and q are important. My son's school will use lettering that has those strokes.

Thanks for your help.


P.S. I plan to self-publish the book, too, so I can't use typefaces with personal-use-only licenses. Thanks again.

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Handsome doesn't have entry strokes on a and q.

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True, I saw that after I posted. Okay, how about FF Schulschrift B? :-)

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Various links, in order of relevance. The first is "free for personal use," but maybe you can contact the author about use in published material. (The font showcased in the promotional specimen image you provided is available here. Is there a reason not to use this one?)

Hope this helps.


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I'm not sure if you would be interested in the typeface "Montessori Script". A typeface I've made based on the actual typeface used in many of the material that they use within the Montessori schools. A link for a mac-version could be found here;

Contact me if you need a PC version.


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Thanks a lot for all the links. You all have been very helpful indeed.

I think I'm going to use FS Contemporary from Educational Fontware. Despite Educational Fontware's less-than-ideal ligature situation ( ... scroll down to "How do you get the cursive to link?"), the glyphs are exactly what I need.

Thanks again.

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