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Sometimes readability just isn't the point!

I've been bingeing on pixel fonts for three days now, and am getting a bit punchy.

Interesting to me sometimes, how one font will jump out of a single letter from another font:

A. Trixie. I've been tinkering with this idea for months. Different sized pixels within a letter form.

B. I wanted to spread out the letters with a better balance of little pixels to big pixels. The S and Z led the way, and ended up leading me to an interesting P and R.

C. I decided to follow the P and R and see where it would take me. I thought it might make for an interesting unicase. the p and q looked okay. the b and d looked terrible. but they led me to consider a five pixel wide grid instead of a seven-wide.

D. The lower case set just jumped right out of my mouse. The upper case isn't as good, but I felt good about getting an UC regardless.

E. Woo-hoo! A bold works too! (three days and counting, remember?)

F. WOW! Italics works too!

Ah, well, it's fun pushing pixels anyway.

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I've selected this design for the "Bitmap Display/Script" category in the first Critique Thursday because I think it is a great experiment.

It goes to show that, maybe in some display cases, legibility isn't really everything…

In letter combinations (how text always works anyway), I find the text above to be quite legible. What do you think?

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In small doses -- display purposes -- this could be quite fun. I am a sucker for black weights, and I find the E and G variants to be the most interesting. I'm always impressed by those who design typefaces with pixels.

In those two -- E & G -- I find the U and V, the c and e, the t, the u and v, the x and z -- to be the weakest or rather in need of a little more work for differentiation. What about a setting?

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very cool. I'd hafta agree that D-G are the most interesting... and a setting of some text would be helpful to evaluate this more closely.

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wow. i've been in the think tank for the last week or so, and i come back to some cool new features here!

thank you all for your feedback here. i agree that this font has its problems. sometimes i have a lot of fun though, with problematic designs. i don't know what that says about my design sensibilities, but i think it helps me grow over the long-term.

can anyone clarify for me what is meant by setting? type setting a few sentences perhaps? or actually seeing it function as a titling font over some paragraph text?

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