Legibell: a semi-sans typeface

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Hello fellow Typophiles!
My name is Jordan Bell and I have been working on this Sans for about 3 months now. I study graphic design and typography at Abilene Christian University as a junior and have taken an Intro to Typography course. I realized at the beginning of this semester that I am hopelessly obsessed with typography. So, I started drawing! It started with sketches inspired by fonts such as Info, Dekar, Titillium, and Klavika. I then decided to try to learn how to use Fontlab Studio 5. After reading lots of reviews, tutorials, and blogs, I started drawing in Fontlab and Illustrator. In other words, I am a beginner.

After many, many hours hovering over my laptop, editing, analyzing and tweaking this font, my professor told me I need some other professional critique. So, here I am! Please be gentle though. This is the first typeface I have designed and I know there are some kerning and small design problems, but I really would like to hear what you pro's have to say about the design and readability of the characters. But really, I'll take any feedback good or bad.

btw, I have updated the examples! The first two are former comps. The last 2 are the newest and best examples. Please review and critique. Thanks for any potential help!Enjoy

LEGIBELL2.pdf264.58 KB
Legibellv3(ex).pdf421.4 KB
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I can certainly see the Titillium and Klavika influences. There's also a fair bit of Interstate in there as well, I think. Your challenge should be to differentiate it from Titillium, because at the moment, they are remarkably close. A few comments:

  • T = straighten the left-hand crossbar
  • e = the terminal is wider than the rest of the stroke
  • q = where the bowl meets the stem, it looks too steep. Try raising the stem.
  • J = very narrow!
  • w (regular italic) = it looks unbalanced? Is it wider on the right than on the left?
  • P = interesting terminal on the stem. Have you investigated giving the same terminals to all uppercase strokes with stems that terminate on the baseline?
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Thanks CaleD for your comments!
Have you ever finished writing a paper, print it out, then notice like, 10 mistakes? Thats kinda what happened to me here. Right as I posted those, I noticed quite a few problems. I agree with everything that you stated and I am currently editing them now. As for the P terminal, I have thought about adding it to the other applicable characters, but really wanted some feedback on it first; so this helps out alot! Now, to the Titillium reference, I did hand draw all these on Fontlab, so its not like I copied them or anything, but your right. I should try to make some of the very similar characters more unique.
Once again, thanks for the suggestions!

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the italic /Q/s all have dissonant tails to their regular counterparts. I like how the regular /Q/s do not let their tails into their counters, however the italics do. if that makes sense.

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Ah yes, the italic Q. I have spent many hours over the Q and it still fails me. Do you think I should change the Italic Q so that the tails are all the same and not in the counter? Or do you think they are ok? I mean, There is still some cleaning up to do with the tails, but what do you think?

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I think I have fixed the problems CaleD was talking about. Let me know if you all see any other issues. I'm sure they are out there. Hope you enjoy!

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I have been doing more work on this typeface in the past couple of weeks so I posted up some more example sheets (v3). Currently I am adding more glyphs - working on old-style numerals, automatic and discretionary ligatures - hoping that this will make my family larger more complete and impressive. Even though it is still in progress, I would like more feedback please! I will be posting updates soon probably.
Thanks all for any potential help,


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