FontLab -- tired of re-entering serialnumber (MacOSX Snow Leapord)

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I just bought a new MacBook Pro and used Apple’s software to move my copy of FontLab (among other things) from my old computer to my new one. But now I have to re-enter the serial number every time I start the program.

Help regarding this problem much appriciated.

Best wishes,

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I had similar problems with some programs (I don't recall if FLS was one of them) when migrating software. Reinstalling the software generally solved the problem. I'd suggest first backing up ~/Library/Application Support/FontLab and ~/Library/Preferences/com.fontlab.fontlab5, then deleting the following:

~/Library/Application Support/FontLab
/Library/Application Support/FontLab
/Applications/FontLab Studio

That way you're doing a clean install with no residue left over from your old install. If the problem goes away after doing this you can restore your old preferences and any customized files you may have created in ~/Library/Application Support/FontLab


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Removing the single global /Library/Preferences/com.fontlab.licenses.plist will help.


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Removing /com.fontlab.licenses.plist from Library worked like a charm! Thank you both for your help.


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